Hank and her Ponies

by Hank and her Ponies

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Recorded at Electric Studios 2012
Produced and Engineered by Ryan Bartholemy and Hank and her Ponies
Songs written by Cobb/Bartholemy


released November 25, 2012

Lauren Chanel Cobb - Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Bartholemy - Bass, Guitar, Lap Steel, Percussion, Backup Vocals
Jacob Landry - Guitar
Ryan Ratfield - Guitar
Ty Berryhill - Guitar
Camille Ong - Vocals
Shane Thompson - Drums on tracks 1-3
Mike Jimenez - Percussion on tracks 1-3
Brandon Allen - Drums on "My Guns"
Jason Kaiser - Drums and Percussion on tracks 4-9
Shara Parker - Violin
Carson Cody - Piano
Tim Gray - Backup Vocals on "No Trial"
Alejandro Pareja - Lead Guitar on "Chantys"
Casey McCann - Acoustic Guitar on "Chantys"



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Hank and her Ponies

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Track Name: My Guns
When you leave, I'll sell my soul
To follow yours, wherever it may go
My mama she once told me ain't nothing in life is free
A young lady now I am, those words, they stuck on me

For years I dug up worthless bones
Nothing was worth my love
Bottled it all up
But now, now, now
I found gold

A chain of fools was shackled to me before you appeared
You can dig deep, deep in my soul
I gave it all to you

Here I am
Been waiting for you
Surrender my guns
So take anything, anything, everything
'Cause it's all for you
It's all for you
Track Name: Hey Little Baby
Hey little baby, will you sit by me?
'cause tomorrow I'm breaking up this family
and I, Well I'm not a little girl no more

Hey little baby let's go for a ride
with the windows down I'll be by your side
just for, tonight

well this city of ghosts just ain't my home
there has got to be a reason why I was born
so I, well I gotta go

Well no fool in this whole wide world
will ever ever tear me away
and this chain that I'm about to break
well I promise love
I'll be back for you someday

Hey little baby when I hit the road,
promise me no one will ever compare
to me

Hey little baby by the candle light
I'm gonna keep it burnin' every night
and this chain, will never die

Well my heart is sinkin' down to my toes
and my bones are a tremblin', too soon again
I'll, be all alone

Well no fool in this whole wide world
will never ever tear me away
and this chain that I'm about to break
well I promise love
I'll be back for you someday

Well you can stick my bones in the ground
really really deep
but you're gonna have to bury me alive
to keep me
from coming back to you someday
Track Name: No Trial
Heard the news, but you didn't read it
Point it out, but you ain't seen it
Tell the truth, but you don't mean it
Hear a lie, and you repeat it

And if I may be even bolder,
I liked you better when you were older

You're gonna hang, they're gonna fry ya
No arraignment, no trial
Your only plea will be denial
But the judgement is final